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Woofly is a mobile app for dog walkers that provides smart scheduling, and real-time updates to dog owners.

To your clients, dogs are not just pets, they are part of the family. And they put their trust in you to give them the best care while they're away.

Woofly makes it simple for you to give them real-time updates about their loved one so they can have peace of mind.

Let Woofly enhance your walk so you can provide more personalized pet care.

Our dog-walking technology keeps dog walkers organized and dog owners engaged!

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How it works

Before your walk

Walk calendar

Check your schedule with Woofly, and check in for the walk.

During your walk

Start walk

At the start of your walk, Woofly immediately tells your client that the walk is starting.

After your walk

End walk

When the walk is over, you tell Woofly whether the dog puddled or pooped, and any other message you'd like to tell your client.

Woofly immediately tells your client that the walk has ended, along with what happened on the walk, a map of your route, and an optional photo of the dog.

What Woofly can do for you

  • Lets you provide more personalized dog care
  • Makes it easier to keep in touch with your clients to make your dog walks more effective
  • Gives your clients real-time peace of mind about their furry friends
Woofly gives you the edge you need to succeed in dog walking!

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